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THE GREEN HOUSE invites you to volunteer at our farm this monsoon. Watch our farm calendar and facebook page for updates OR For more information contact +91 9871751888 or mail at


The Green House is a Consultancy and Training concern on Holistic healing and Sustainable development Alternatives for Homes, Offices, Schools, Communities, Commercial farms, Rural areas and even Public spaces. Our solutions are Self Sustaining Ecological Designs based on the Ethics and Principles of ‘Permaculture’ developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 1970s. Permaculture is a design system that involves mimicking nature to create sustainable human habitats. 

At The Green House we are working towards creating a much localized form of Permaculture by infusing it with practices of Vedic Living. Vedic culture predominantly teaches about harmonious existence with the eco system and thus compliments the methods of Permaculture. Thus one of our major thrusts will always be combining Permaculture with various ancient Indian traditional disciplines and healing practices.  Permaculture Design enables us to tackle problems like Waste and Water Management, Energy Conservation, Food Security and General wellbeing on any scale.

Our designs are implemented through Hands-on Workshops and/or Consultancy Contracts. 



Our Section on Ecological designs offers simple solutions for any human habitat!!! Check out our sections on Homes and Communities, Open Classrooms for Schools and Sustainable Solutions for Commercial Complexes and Food Production Operations.




If you want to cool your houses better and save energy then indulge in rooftop gardens. Plants can reduce the heat absorbed by buildings due to the heat island affect of cement and concrete. They also filter pollutants and can bring down power bills by almost 50%. 


"Permaculture is a holistic approach to landscape design and human culture. It is an attempt to integrate several disciplines, including biology, ecology, geography, agriculture, architecture, appropriate technology, gardening and community building." 
- Guy Baldwin


Moonsoon projects based on Permaculture soon to begin at the farm.

Please watch this space for more updates soon......


The Green House - Home of Holistic Healing, Organic Farming and Sustainable Development Alternatives