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About Us
The Green House is a partnership concern dedicated to the research and dissemination of permaculture principles, values, ethics and information , besides other holistic, eco friendly, sustainable development and natural healing alternatives, throughout the South Asian subcontinent. Founded by Mr. Arun K Khanna, the firm has a pioneering  standing in India, with numerous associates involved in permaculture transitions (urban & rural).

Situated at Shantifarm in the Chhattarpur farmlands district, some 21 kms  south of Connaught Place (New Delhi city centre) and about 35 minutes drive from the Airport. Originally Delhi's very first vineyards, the farm was subdivided into 5 to 6 acre farms about 3 decades ago. These are now managed by various members of the Khanna family. 

Shantifarm is a fine example of beautifully landscaped areas, forested/ wooded areas, organic food gardens, fruit tree groves, rainwater harvesting, herb gardens, terraced gardens, peacocks roaming around, a wide variety of birdlife & parrots, a large swimming pool (great for the long summer evenings), nature walks, greenhouse and plant nursery area, composting and vermiculture areas. Onsite we have infrastructure available to conduct PC Orientation & PDC programs, along with limited accommodation for our Volunteers and Interns.
Shantifarm is an Eco friendly environment which has incorporated organic farming with a holistic touch. The facility uses all traditional methods of ‘green farming’ along with new methods of Permaculture ( an acronym for permanent agriculture, developed in Australia)  to ensure a totally green and organic output which also nourishes and replenishes the soil for future generations.  There has been no use of chemicals or fertilizers on the farm since 1995 and there is a harmonious balance of cultivation and wilderness to protect and preserve the fragile eco system. At Shanti farm both flora and fauna are equally revered and protected and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the “safe haven” for all life forms of our area. Modeled on the principles of Vaastu-shastra and Ayurveda, the farm offers a totally holistic and natural getaway. The residential facilities on the farm have been painted with natural paints and substances to ensure an environment free of chemicals and pollutants which also ensures natural and effective cooling during the summer months.