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Shanti Farm was established in March 1964, by the late Dr. S.L. Khanna, who bought this barren land and was eventually declared a ‘model farm’ by the Government of India.  It later became Delhi’s first and North India's biggest Vineyard with a full-fledged bower system with concrete pillars and steel wires. A variety of grapes  known as ‘chamman’ grapes, were presented by the then Vice- President of India, the Late Dr. Zakir Hussain, on a visit to the farm. These were brought to India by him from Afghanistan. These grapes were inter cropped with roses and the Shanti Farm nursery acquired every variety of grapes from the world over.  The farm was also the first in India to introduce Russian harvester combines and Bellarus tractors along with the Austrian Styer-Daimler tractors and became a demonstration centre for all the latest farming technologies which were later introduced in India. In 1984 residences were built on the farm for members of the Khanna family whilst maintaining the farmlands and rose gardens. In the year 1995, Shanti Farm # 5 and 6 were transformed into organic farms and all use of conventional chemicals and pesticides was discontinued.