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The Team


Mrs Amrit Kumari Khanna (Wendy Patiala) along with her sons Arun K. Khanna and Vivek K. Khanna, wife and sons of Late Lt. Col. Ravi K. Khanna (Dick, Brigade of Guards) are the joint owners/ partners. Scions of the Royal House of Patiala, Mrs Amrit Kumari being the youngest princess (daughter) of the late, late, His Highness Maharaja Adhiraj Sir Bhupinder Singh of Patiala , himself an enormously eminent figure in modern Indian  and World history.


Arun Khanna
The Green House is a partnership concern founded by Mr. Arun K. Khanna who is a freelance Multinational trade and Business facilitator. Mr. Khanna is a student of Spirituality, Sustainable lifestyles and development, Holistic healing, Organic farming and Green Architecture. He is also a promoter of World Art, Culture and Heritage.
Himani Kumar 
Himani, an Associate Partner is a Communications consultant with a decade of experience in working with Content Visualization across TV, Radio, Digital, Documentary and Training Films. She has been experimenting with developing communication tools to engage Children in Sustainability projects. She is a certified Permaculture Design Practitioner now designing and restoring Shanti Farm.
Adarsh Singh Tawar  
Adarsh has been a part of The Green House since 1999. His passion for nature and Sustainable development has made him a common name in the Organic Food Community in Delhi/NCR. He has been associated with agriculture and the NGO sector since his teenage years.  His versatile profile includes organic production of food & other agricultural crops, organic certification, post-harvest management, and marketing of organic agriculture. He also specializes in training for field staff and farmers in organic crop production, organic pest and disease control, and certification.
Arjun Gaur
Arjun is a serial innovator and entrepreneur with strong expertise and passion for electromechanical devices and new efficient energy technologies.

   He has created award winning designs for exhibition stands, rotating and mobile audience platform to carry 700 people, Love Meter, Skin Fairness meter, Teeth Strength Meter, Robotic Suits for Maruti campaign and lots more during the course of running an Event and Exhibition company with his own production house.


Virender Mishra