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On The Farm


The Green House is located in Shanti Farm, Chattarpur. Situated on a 6 acres farmland it is part of the Arravali Eco System which is one of the oldest mountain systems in the world. 


There has been no use of chemicals or fertilizers on the farm. Restoration for over 2 decades has created a fertile top soil rich in humus.
There is a harmonious balance of cultivation and wilderness to protect and preserve the fragile eco system. 
According to the principles of Permaculture, farming is practiced with a holistic approach in accordance with natural patterns.
At Shanti farm both flora and fauna are equally revered and protected and we pride ourselves on the fact that we are the “safe haven” for all life forms of our area.  We share our yield with all.
Modelled on the principles of Vaastu-shastra and Ayurveda, the farm offers a totally holistic and natural getaway. The residential facilities on the farm have been painted with natural paints and substances to ensure an environment free of chemicals and pollutants while ensuring natural and effective cooling for the summer months.