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Volunteer/ Teacher
The farm is a fine example of beautifully landscaped areas, forested/wooded areas, organic food gardens, fruit tree groves and some of our ongoing restoration projects include backyard food gardens, rainwater and grey water harvesting systems, herb gardens, Food and ayurvedic jungles, terraced gardens, green houses, seed bank and composting areas. If you are a Permaculture Teacher or have any other expertise in Ecological Design sector and you want to set up a course. Then feel free to write in to us.


We welcome (Permaculture) Designers to write into us with their project ideas. If it’s innovative and ecological we will help you set it up on the farm.

We accept interns with specific projects assigned by their Universities on various ecological topics.

We welcome day Volunteers and boarders who want to learn about Permaculture Techniques informally.

For more information, boarding costs or for customizing Volunteer programs, connect with us.