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Ecological Design


Food security, Energy savings, Water conservation, Freedom from inflation of perishables, reduced carbon footprint are just a few benefits of adopting ecological design for a better tomorrow.

The Green House’s Consultancy and Turn Key Solutions Wing helps bring this very difference into your lives. Our designs are unique and equipped for maximum effectiveness to help achieve a truly self sustained system which can become a way of life. We will help you go green with ease and pride.

Our design solutions can transform any site, building or landscape into a Green Haven while offering abundant Socio- Economic benefits. 

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Permaculture is essentially a design system that combines the study of natural patterns and innovative use of technology to create abundance. 

An area of any size can be converted into a green and sustainable food production centre through Permaculture. 

However, the scope of permaculture is not limited to Food Production only. It combines traditional knowledge and technology to create cost effective conservation solutions for a varied range of problems. A few examples of Problems and Approach are listed below.

  • Grey water is essentially water from our sinks, showers and laundry. Permaculture systems for grey water management can help recycle up to 60% of used water for gardens, lawns, rooftop gardens, washing cars etc. 
  • An efficient rain water harvesting can save upto 36,000 Ltrs of water per 100sq meter annually in Delhi (for e.g.). Intelligently designed storage and distribution systems can ensure massive water and water bill savings for homes, communities, societies, schools, villages, farms and commercial zones.
  • A well designed Roof top/balcony garden can provide more than just food. The vegetation will stop the roof from heating up and can lead to 50% in power savings. These gardens also act as air purifiers for your home.
  • Almost 30% of you daily garbage can be composted and recycled to grow contamination free food at almost negligible cost.
  • Composting Community toilets in jhuggis and villages can help alleviate the problem of Open Defecation, contamination and diseases.
  • Humanure/Animal Manure/Organic waste can be converted to Biogas for community kitchens in Hotels, Resorts, Mandirs and Gurudwaras, Schools, Farms etc. Large animal farms can also generate electricity from biogas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Next