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Young Eco Pioneers Program


In this era of “consumerism” where everything comes from the nearest Mall/Super Market- major brands use children as part of their product development and communication.  Very simply children affect their parents’ buying/spending decisions. Hence, it is important that they make informed choices for a well provided future 

The Green House believes that Education is the key to creating Green Citizens.  Our Young Eco Pioneers program (YEP!) has been designed to achieve this very goal by helping youngsters apply classroom knowledge into Ecological designs. Our school programs are conducted through Custom Designed Experiential Workshops and cover a versatile range of Subjects from Math, Science, Geography, History and Economics across all age groups. We create unique systems as per each environment and the interests of the people involved. By applying the Principles of Permaculture we aid schools to Repurpose Classroom education and widen its applications in personal, social and professional spheres of life to create an abundant and holistic future.
YEP! has developed ‘Sustainability Simulations’ that uses Experiential Learning to enable Children/Teachers and Staff Members to develop solutions for various ecological concerns in their school/institute. These Simulations will be custom designed as per the school and its needs and ideas generated from participative Interactions. These simulations can range from a two day workshop to a 3-4 month development project. 

YEP! Calls for great community action from youngsters and can be scaled and customized for residential schools and colleges too. Our designs covers food forests, rooftop food gardens, Ayurveda, solar and wind energy, mechanical designs, eco building, bio gas, rain water and grey water harvesting and natural resource conservation.