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Commercial Zone Designs


The booming Global Market has given rise to an era of Hotels, Resorts, Malls, High Rise office complexes, Hospitals, Holistic Healing and Learning centres, Eco Tourism zones etc spread over hundreds of acres. Both upcoming and existing complexes are designed to cater to hundreds of employees and guests practically every day. These are areas of high carbon footprint due to the sheer amount of waste water and food waste etc that is generated. This couple with the Energy usage and the thousands of liters of oil that is invested in transport of human and other resources makes a massive impact on the Ecological balance if viewed collectively. More often the professional in this industry segment work in stressful environments and lead erratic lifestyles.  “Permaculture” believes that the “Problem is always the solution”. Permaculture design is not just another farming technique but a design tool to create Sustainable Abundant Cultures comprising of people and all other natural beings in harmony and balance through innovative designs inspired by traditional knowledge and technology. Through our design solutions such commercial zones can become Self Sustained Ecological Zones. Our integrated design for such complexes includes Food production, waste management, energy and water management, rainwater harvesting, Work culture management 
and Ecological conservation. Aesthetics are a huge part of our system design also. We specialize in beautiful food gardens, vertical landscaping and Green zones, rooftop green recreation zones, Meditation centres, Green Libraries, biogas plants etc created only by redirecting your existing resources efficiently through the system. We also provide a unique backend for maintenance and upkeep through training personnel and systematic systems check.

The Socio Economic benefits to the complexes from these solutions are infinite but just to list a few!

  • Such systems will help builders and complex owners get green building benefits from the government.
  • For Giant Multinationals who spend huge financial resources on food, water and energy it will result in savings, maintaining employee well being, providing a healthy, holistic and versatile ambience at work and judiciously use and conserve precious natural resources in any form.
  • Allow for the office space to be used as aesthetic venues for events and gatherings etc
  • Help propagate a holistic work culture and ethos by allowing such spaces to work with the employees and their families and guests.
  • In Hospitals it will enable the management to provide fresh, healthy and nutritious food in their healthcare plan. Ayurvedic forests can be designed and managed Naturopathy centres and healing ashrams too based on the Vedic life.



With an ever increasing population to feed the farmers in our country have been resorting to various measures like mono cropping, introducing pesticides and chemical manures into their soil, using GMOs and Hybrid seeds to keep up productivity as soil fertility decreases rapidly. Permaculture offers the farmer natural ways of dealing with most of his problems while providing efficient economical f results in terms energy input /output, sustainable farming practices and production of quality certified organic food. By increasing species bio diversity we help bring the farm back to nature where eventually the work load becomes minimum and the output is abundant. We design for planting and irrigation systems, orchard farms for polycropping, biogas plants, aquaculture, animal and bird rearing, rain water harvesting, pest management and soil improvement.



A lot of farms and farm land owners also turn to eco-tourism and eco-village projects. However, hasty implementation leads to unreliable systems that keeps devouring more and more energy and generates huge quantities of waste. This leads to a loss in the ethos of setting up an Eco-friendly project. Permaculture’s ethics are a sound filter for the creating on any ecological habitat design. We take into account living spaces, food production for personal and commercial gains, efficient energy systems for renewable sources like sun, wind and water, administrative methods, animal and bird habitats etc