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Instant Garden beds are an amazing example of Permaculture design.  An Instant Garden Bed is essentially a modified compost bed that can be used to cultivate a diverse variety of edibles. These beds are know to last upto 18 months if built well. 

They embody one of the main concepts of Permaculture- "Stacking Functions" which means that one element in an abundant and sustained system cannot perform just one function. It needs to build symbiotic relationships with several other elements in the system. Instant Garden beds do just that and contrary to its name they can be applied to large scale commercial production, roof top gardens, balcony spaces etc. They retain a great amount of water because of the method of construction. A slow aerobic decomposition ensures that no manure needs to be applied. They greatly nourish the soil underneath while providing a yield up top. They keep back the grass and thus take away the need for constant weeding. They even allow you to recycle. 

 Here is a simple understanding of how we put together our first experimental bed through a slide show. This bed is also an experiment on cultivating near/under eucalyptus trees which areallelopathic. A great big thanks to Rico Zook                             ( for leading this first build. We are planning several more so keep checking our calendar for the next build and join us,.

Dried Grass and Peepal leaves serve as the brown layer
What is Permaculture? A question that we at The Green House answer several times a day. The simplicity of our answer surprises many but it is those surprised minds that we strive for.  Very simply  "It is a design system that Mimics Nature to create Sustainable Eco Habitats."
Through 6 months of observation, experimentation and several hours of discussions- we are now ready to begin some serious work at the farm. The three Permaculture Ethics of  "Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share" have been our guide in visualizing the future of the farm as a Learning and Demonstration Centre for Permaculture. 

The Green House is a place of constant innovation and design as the team works on developing a relationship with 6 acres of farmlands. We will be soon sharing blogs, videos and pictures of our progress at the farm. This blog entry is to mark the beginning  of our "What is Permaculture?" Series. A special drive to create awareness and action through and for Permaculture in India.
We are also starting a series of Hands-on learning activities to initiate community action. 

As our first blog we are sharing this video by one of friends and Permaculture Enthusiast, Rishi Gangoly. from Sulins. (
This is an excerpt from a chat interview with Rico Zook, renowned Permaculture Designer, Educator and Consultant.
To know more about Rico Zook please visit
Rico is also visiting The Green House in Delhi currently and is conducting an Interactive Talk and a Hands-on Learning Session this weekend. Do check our event calendar for more details.



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June 2013